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Our passion behind the brand

The dream of three young men from Budapest came true with Vyrtus. If you are unable to make a compromise, whether it be quality or elegance, the potential scope of people willing to cooperate narrows down. Overall, it is no wonder that we worked a great deal for three years to present our first collection.

We would have liked to work with the best and managed to find them, even if we had to first travel to every corner of the globe and then around the continent to find them. The best happen to be in Europe: this is how we found the Italian textile factory that has been in business for over 100 years, the German factory that makes unique buttons and the Romanian shirt factory that works for a range of world brands.

We would have liked to put the best quality available in Europe and the latest world trends in a truly Hungarian brand, which is why we met with several talented Hungarian designers and selected the young designer that has already made his mark, is perfectly capable of identifying with the vision of Vyrtus and is happy to make turn passion into reality in the collection.

The result speaks for itself. We are sure you will feel it when you put on your first Vyrtus shirt.

The journey of the shirt

The journey of every Vyrtus shirt begins in Italy in the prestigious textile factory next to Treviso where it takes 120 days to make the selected quality fabrics by following a rigorous production process. Real mother of pearl buttons are undoubtedly the kings of shirt buttons. The mother pearl buttons of Vyrtus shirts are made by one of the most famous factories in Germany. The selected fabrics are stitched together in the Romanian shirt factory that also makes clothes for top global brands, breathing life into the shirt.

Why Vyrtus?

Because every single one of the shirts available in the Vyrtus collection is of uncompromised quality, bearing the marks of the special, attentive work of the best experts and unique design. A faultless shirt becomes perfect when every single little detail is just the way it should be.

the mission of Vyrtus

We think responsibly

We insist on every supplier and other business partner holding the attestations required to guarantee the high quality and ethical standards we expect. Our shirts and every fabric we use is made in a factory that complies with rigorous environmental and social standards.

The Team

What we say may come as a surprise to you, but the story of Vyrtus actually goes back 25 years. Allow me to take you back to the beginning...



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