Data Processing Regulation

Legal and Data Processing Declaration

The website www. fundamentally serves to gain insight into the products of the brand "VYRTUS the Shirt" and the activity of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. and to promote it; furthermore, "VYRTUS the Shirt" products may also be purchased in the webshop operated on the website. With regard to the former, the service provider reserves the right to ensure access to registered users to certain parts and functions of the website only after registration.

Determining all contents on the website, their disclosure, amendment or removal is the exclusive right of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd., operating under the full company name VESTURSHIRTS Limited Liability Company (company registration number: 01-09-326831; tax number: 26372783-2-41; registered seat: 1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 16. fszt 4.). Accordingly,  VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. reserves the exclusive right to determine the website and its content and unilaterally make changes to these at any given time.  

Every feature and content on the website (in particular, all written contents, photos, graphical and/or audiovisual content) are under the exclusive copyright protection of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd., except if regulated otherwise in the case of any given content published on the website. In light of this, the preliminary written consent of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. is required to copy, duplicate, reproduce or use in any manner all contents published on the website.      

A link, i.e. hyper-reference to the website may be placed on any third party website (or any of its components) after the approval of the request sent to the email address specified below; however, VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. is explicitly and fully not responsible for these websites and their content. The specific source or reference in the case of use on the Internet must be provided to use of any given content on the website for the purpose of citing. 

Furthermore, VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. is not responsible for the unauthorised use of contents on the website by any third party or damages caused by any third party through unauthorised use.

Write to the email address if you would like to use any given content on the website.

The "VYRTUS The Shirt" Trademark

The "VYRTUS" or "VYRTUS the Shirt" name and logo is a registered trademark constituting the sole intellectual property of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. The preliminary written consent of the representative of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. with power to sign is required to use the trademark with the components and to the extent specified. Duplication, recording or unauthorised use in any form is prohibited in the absence of explicit consent and renders the user legally responsible.

Data Processing Declaration

  1. Introduction

1.1. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. pays special attention to the protection and safe processing of the personal data of users visiting the website.

1.2. According to the provisions set forth in Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information (Freedom of Information Act) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person and conclusions drawn from the data in connection with the natural person. The personal data shall preserve this quality during the course of data processing until its connection with the data subject can be restored.  


  1. General information

2.1. Definitions

2.1.1. Personal data: the name, email address, telephone number, address of a natural person and all information that can be linked to the person, even indirectly (for detailed definition see Section 3 of the Freedom of Act or GDPR Article 4(1)).

2.1.2. Processing: use of personal data for any purpose (e.g. shopping, sending the newsletter) and any operation which is performed on personal data (for detailed definition see Section 10 of the Freedom of Act or GDPR Article 4(1)). Controller: entity which determines such data processing operations, i.e. VESRTUSHIRTS Ltd.

2.1.3. Processor: an entity which undertakes data processing as commissioned by the controller, processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

2.1.4. Webshop: online shop operated on the website of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd.

2.1.5. Purpose of data processing: to provide the services accessible in the webshop. It is or may be necessary to provide certain personal data to use these services. 

2.2. It is generally not necessary to provide personal data to access the content (data) of the website; however, this may be required to use certain services. The user explicitly consents to VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. collecting, registering, managing and processing personal data in accordance with legal regulations in effect if the user provides personal data on the website or via either of the email address provided on the website.       

2.3. Personal data is always provided on a voluntary basis on the website under the domain name and user consent forms the legal basis of data processing, i.e. voluntary provision of data. Data is collected to track changes relating to the users of the website, user habits, trends. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. primarily registers the data of users to keep in touch with its customers and uses this data anonymously for statistical purposes. 

2.4. Browsing the website is considered as acceptance of the terms of the present declaration and explicit consent to data processing set forth herein in respect of data processing performed with data registered while visiting the website.  

  1. Information in connection with various user activity

3.1. Browsing on the website is typically an operation performed without providing personal data.  VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. only registers the regular server data while browsing on the website, in particular, the IP address, domain name, type of browser software, type of operating system, data of downloaded files, data of the pages viewed and the time accessed. Registered personal data cannot be connected while browsing if the user does not initiate another operation on the website of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. by providing personal data.

3.2. Operations performed by providing personal data, in particular: subscription to the newsletter, logging in to certain subpages operated by VESTURSHIRTS Ltd., request for information, registration on the mailing list or user group, forum. The user name, postal and email address will be processed by VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. upon the explicit consent of the user in the case of operations performed by providing personal data. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. may use a data processor to process the data, to which the user explicitly consents by signing the present declaration.     

3.3. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. may make it possible to remember (by setting cookies) user ID data on certain pages based on the consent given by the user in the case of operations performed by providing personal data (e.g. logging in to one of the websites operated by VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. following registration) and, thereby, to login automatically.  

3.4. Users registered in the user group, forum may see the personal data provided by the user in the case of registration in a user group, forum.

  1. User rights

4.1. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. shall always provide information in connection with the personal data it processes at the request of the user. The user may request the correction or removal of personal data at any given time; furthermore, may withdraw consent given to register and process his or her data at any given time. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. ensures users the opportunity to browse on the pages under the domain, during the course of which personal information, as selected by the user, is not registered. However, in this case the user may possibly be unable to use certain services or only use them in a restricted manner. The user may directly contact the representatives of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. to make remarks or ask questions by writing to the email address   

4.2. In addition, VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. ensures users of the rights they are entitled to according to Hungarian data protection legal regulations in effect and shall make every effort possible to guarantee this.

  1. Data protection

5.1. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. ensures the security of the personal data it registers and processes through appropriate measures, in particular, by ensuring that this data is not accessible to any unauthorised third party, with the exception of mandatory cases prescribed by law or providing access to the data based on the consent of the user. 

5.2. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. is not responsible for any changes made to the processed data by it or a contracted data processor or unauthorised user in the event of unauthorised access to the data protection system it operates and continuously develops and the database, should this take place in spite of the above.    

  1. Miscellaneous

6.1. The various websites of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. (e.g. subject to the operator or service provider) may set further conditions in connection with the processing of personal data in relation to those specified in the present declaration.   

6.2. There may be links to other websites not operated by VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. on the websites of VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. does not assume responsibility for the confidentiality and data processing practice followed by other websites operated by third parties.   

6.3. Hungarian legal regulations, in particular, provisions set forth in Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information prevail in respect of the present declaration on data protection.   

6.4. VESTURSHIRTS Ltd. continuously updates the present declaration on data protection in compliance with legal regulations in effect. 

Should you have any questions or remarks in connection with the present declaration on data protection, please contact us directly via the email address


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