Name of operator: Vesturshirts Ltd.

Tax number: 26372783-2-41

Bank account number:

Company registration number: 01 09 326831

Registered seat: 1052 Budapest, 16 Petőfi Sándor Street, ground floor




You can order the item you selected with a few simple clicks on our webshop. There is no need to register to order, but there are numerous advantages to this (personal profile, previous orders, automatic data completion).

Shopping in the webshop:

If you wish to buy the product selected, begin the process by clicking on "add to shopping cart". Continue shopping after you have added the products you like to the shopping cart. You can select, change the number of products as you like. We offer 1 item according to default settings. How much you will pay for the items in the cart will always appear after you have added a product to the shopping cart.

Items in the cart (Step 1):

It is possible to track every product selected and the current total price in the "shopping cart contents" window even while browsing. This can be changed, deleted as you like anytime. If you want to remove an item from the shopping cart, click on "shopping cart" window. You can remove the product you don't want from the product list by clicking on "X" (delete). You can continue by adding items to the shopping list or go to payment by clicking on checkout. The next time you shop you can provide the registration data you used the last time you shopped to login or proceed to the next step by registering again. You then have to click on "shopping cart contents" again, then on "checkout". At this step, you still have the opportunity to send a message in the "customer remark window" if you would like to send important additional information in connection with the transaction, such as, I'll pick it up after 25 December.

Order data (Step 2)

This is where you can see the invoice data, namely, the invoice address, delivery address, which can both be changed separately or a new delivery address can be added. Select as required, choose the mode of delivery (GLS/home delivery, GLSPackagePoint) and either of the following modes of payment: cash on delivery, transfer, online credit card payment. You can proceed to the next step once you have done all this.

Sending the order (Step3)

You get information here on the product we have added to the shopping cart, the total price and the data of the invoice and delivery address provided. You can make changes by clicking on "back" if something is not right. If everything is right, you can finalise the order by clicking on "order" after ticking the "I accept the terms of service" box.

An automatic message will be sent to your email address regarding the order, which certifies that you have successfully placed the order. You will subsequently receive another email, which certifies that we have prepared the products ordered and handed them over to the courier.

It is very important to provide the right telephone number for the courier to be able to call you on this number and negotiate should any problems arise with the package.


You can pay for your order in the following three ways:

  • Cash on delivery (GLS)
  • Online credit card payment
  • Transfer

The entire sum is to be paid to the GLS courier by credit card or in cash in the case of cash on delivery, who will then hand over the package containing the products ordered to you. (Please only sign the confirmation of receipt slip if you have checked the package, found the products undamaged, because we are unable to accept complaints in connection with missing items, damages after receipt.)

It is not possible to pay for the product in our shop. You are only able to pick up products that have already been paid for in the shop.


Free home delivery everywhere in Hungary.

We only accept cash on delivery in the case of GLS courier in Hungary.

GLS in most cases delivers the package on the weekday after the order was confirmed, during business hours. The courier will leave a notice in your mailbox if no-one was at home or the address provided, on which the telephone number of the customer service unit (+36-1-501-6204) and the number of the courier is provided. This enables you to negotiate a time and place where the package can be handed over without any problem. Your package will be deposited in the nearest GLS depot for 5 days if delivery proves unsuccessful again. The courier will attempt delivery one more time, but the package will be sent back to the sender if the courier is unable to contact anyone and the package is unclaimed for 5 days. You can call the customer service number to tell them that you are only able to take delivery of the package at a given time on the day of delivery. The courier is unable to call the addressee in advance to negotiate a time.

Delivery deadline:

Within 1-1 workdays after sending the "successful purchase" confirmation email. The package will be delivered by Wednesday at the latest if you placed the order on Friday.

Repeated delivery of the package:

We are able to send you the package by charging delivery again, if you are unable to take delivery of the package within the above timeframe and it is consequently returned to us. We will once again initiate delivery of the package if this sum is credited to the bank account (via transfer). If the package is sent back to us from a given address two or more times, our webshop reserves the right to cancel future sales to this name and address.

Delivery abroad:

We delivery in the entire territory of the European Union, the postal costs of which is 20 EUR per package.


You can replace the product if the product is not right, the size is not right, you got something else than you expected. Please contact us in every case. We will naturally send a courier if we made the mistake and replace the product free of charge as quickly as possible. You need to do the following if problems arose for other reasons:

Please place the products to be replaced back in the package together with every accessory, seal it with adhesive tape and place it in a sealable plastic bag or box. We will send you the right product after we have received the other product and checked that it is undamaged, once postal costs have been credited to our account. Please note that the package to be returned is to be handed over to the courier that comes upon delivery.


Our webshop acts in an ethical, legal manner when providing services by taking the interests of customers into account. The customer may cancel the contract without having to state reasons within 14 workdays in accordance with Government Decree 17/1999. Instead of this 14-day deadline prescribed by law, offers a 30- day cancellation period, i.e. refund guarantee. The customer may cancel the contract from the date on which the products were received. The seller is required to refund the amount paid by the customer without delay or no later than 30 days following cancellation. The customer shall bear the costs that arose in connection with returning the product owing to cancellation. The customer shall not bear any additional costs. The seller may claim reimbursement of damages ensuing from the improper use of the product.

It may occur that the product selected in the webshop is in reality not the same as the one you wanted. The following needs to be done in such cases:

  • Notify our customer service by phone or via email that you are not satisfied with the product.
  • We will accept unwrapped and undamaged products in every case.
  • Please DO NOT send back the package in a package subject to postage or cash on delivery, because we are unable to receive it, if you are sending it back to us as a postal item to our address.
  • Our colleague will check that the product is not damaged when it arrives and send back the money you paid via bank transfer.


We assume warranty for the products we sell as regulated in the Civil Code. The warranty period is 6 (six) months. The customer has 2 (two) years to make warranty claims.

The customer may request the following in the case of a warranty claim:

  1. Firstly, correction or replacement, as selected, if it is not possible to satisfy the warranty claim selected or if it would imply disproportionate additional costs for the webshop in relation to satisfying the other warranty claim, by taking account of the value the item offered represents in a faultless state, the gravity of the breach of contract and the inconvenience caused by satisfying warranty;
  2. A discount may be requested or the contract may be cancelled, if the webshop is neither able to fix or replace the product or if it did not agree to correction or replacement or if it is unable to fulfil this obligation. There is no right of cancellation in the case of minor faults. A warranty claim may not be made in the case of faults caused by improper use. A warranty claim may even be made if the item was sold at a sale price, in which case a quality-related compliant may also be made if the commercial outlet did not specify the reason for offering the discount. (The commercial outlet is required to prove that the product was in a faultless state when it was purchased and that the fault was caused in the product during use for a period of 6 months following purchase. The customer is required to prove that the product was faulty at the time it was purchased after six months.)


Order & Payment

How do I know that they have received my order?

After you have sent your order, our webshop will automatically redirect you to the confirmation page. Follow every step carefully when you pay in order for your order to be satisfied. We will subsequently send a confirmation email to you regarding the products ordered and payment options.

What payment options do I have?

Vyrtus accepts all secure modes of payment by credit card offered by OTP Simple Pay:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express (Amex)

How much is delivery?

We deliver the products ordered FREE of charge in Hungary. The prices quoted by GLS courier are valid for deliveries abroad.

EU     €20

Can I change, cancel my order?

Unfortunately, the order cannot be changed or cancelled after it is finalised. If you do not want the product, please notify us via email following receipt and follow the steps provided under the Return menu point.

Can I buy gift vouchers?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer vouchers.

  1. Sending back & refund

How can I send back the product delivered?

We hope that you will be satisfied with every product you ordered from us, but please contact us if something is nevertheless not perfect. Please place the product envisaged to be replaced back into the delivery package together with every accessory, seal it with adhesive tape and place it in a sealable plastic bag or box. We will send you the right product as soon as the original one has been returned and checked that it is undamaged once the postal costs have been credited to our account. Please note that the package to be returned is to be handed over to the courier that comes upon delivery. We will transfer back the amount claimed to the bank account used for payment if you do not want the product ordered. We will ask you to provide the account number via email if we do not have this account number.

What state does the product have to be in to be sent back?

We are only able to take back products in the state they were delivered. We will naturally consider the products undamaged after you have unpacked them and tried them on; however, please send back the labels on the shirt in the same state. We will once again deliver the products, which the customer shall pay for, if we are unable to take back the products you sent back for the above reasons.

How long does it take to process sending back?

Processing generally only takes a few workdays, depending on the place of delivery and return. After the division responsible for sending back products has received the products you sent back, our colleagues will begin to assess and process the claim without delay. This process takes maximum 14 workdays.

How do I get refunded?

We transfer back the amount claimed to the bank account used for payment. We will ask you to provide the account number via email, if we do not have this account number.

  1. Delivery

How do I know if the delivery of my order has begun?

We will send you information via email that we have handed over the package to our GLS partner as soon as we have sent the order, who will then likewise notify you of the location and expected delivery time of the package via email and you are able to track your order anytime with the help of the link sent via email.

Can I pick up the order in the shop?

We naturally welcome you to our showroom located at the address 1052 Budapest, 16 Petőfi Sándor Street where you can pick up the product ordered and paid for in advance. You can try on the product when you come and pick it up, so if you are possibly not satisfied with the selected product, we can easily change the size. We request that customers make an appointment to be able to only focus on you during the time you spend in the shop. Please make an appointment to pick up the product in our online appointment system.

How can I track my order?

We will send you information via email that we have handed over the package to our GLS partner as soon as we have sent the order, who will then likewise notify you of the location and expected delivery time of the package via email and you are able to track your order anytime with the help of the link sent via email.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery generally takes 1-3 workdays in the entire territory of Hungary.

What do I do I I have not received my order?

Please contact us at our customer service unit via the telephone number if the product ordered did not arrive within the delivery deadline to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

  1. Product & stock

Is it possible to try on shirts in the shop?

Naturally, it is. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom in Petőfi Sándor Street by appointment. Please select a time with the help of our online appointment system.

How do I know my size?

If you would like to choose a shirt in your size, please use our size table.

How can I register for the newsletter?

Please provide your email address by clicking on the link and come inspire with us, get news of our promotions first.

I forget my password. What do I need to do?

Click on "forgotten password" when you login and follow the instructions provided in the email we sent.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here.

s here.


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